Saturday, September 19, 2009

West End Pirate Day street festival

Today was national Talk Like A Pirate Day! Which is a very interesting thing because at the West End in Dallas, everyone thought it was Dress Like A Pirate Day! Allowing people to live out their strange yet amusing obsession with pirates hundreds of people gathered in the West End for live music, food, crafts, and performances.

We ate lunch at the Chipotle just up the street and and walked around afterward watching the crowds singing while dressed like pirates! It's nice to see some action in the West End as it's been pretty ghost like for the past few years. I think it's about time to have more businesses move into the space and bring it back to it's former glory! Having House Of Blues just at the Northern edge on the boarder between West End and Victory park is definitely helping get some people moving through the area. I look forward to seeing it return to it's old glory!

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