Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Master Plan Cities: Animation

Designing sustainable cities, three aspects - three plans.
An animation short by Rods & Cones Film, depicting planning strategies in recent masterplans by Vandkunsten in collaboration with Hausenberg

An urban master planned neighborhood created from an old shipyard in Sweeden. The design firm Vandkunsten had this animation put together to show their design process. From start to finish the creation of walkable streetscapes that make for easy navigation through the neighborhood, the integration of public spaces within the existing structures and the sustainability of the area is carefully thought out and explained in the animation.

The firm specializes in sustainable building and also is focusing on the renewal of a suburban area in Denmark by tying in an existing recreational area with the rest of the city by expanding it and adding a "green activity zone" using paths that link one area to another. This creates unique neighborhood zones where each is diverse in it's relationship to the city and the surrounding landscape.