Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 Kids 77 Square Feet

  How do you squeeze two not-so-young children, and a baby into 77 square feet? That was the question we faced after finding out we were expecting a third child in our modest 1300 sq ft. loft. After moving in almost three years ago, one thing became immediately apparent, there's no room for all our "stuff"? The problem was an even greater issue in the kids room, where their 7ft x 11ft room dimensions left little room for wasted space.

One thing we knew is that we'd have to take advantage of the 10.5ft ceiling height in the room. I drew up some plans, made a Google Sketchup draft of the room just to make sure the measurements worked out, and with the help of a friend, installed a wall to wall platform where my two older children Nick and Isabelle would sleep.

The powder coated metal ladder connects to the wall on hooks and can be pulled down and leaned against the platform for climbing up and down. The small dresser in the center of the two tall storage shelves will have a changing pad affixed to the top of it to double as a changing table. (we've got two more months until the baby's due. Didn't want to jump the gun anymore than I already have.)

The kids computer was neatly stowed away inside a European style metal folding wall desk. It perfectly stores their computer, games, and cables to make sure everything is out of sight when closed. The desk was also hung at a height that made it perfect for the tracker style rolling chair to slide right underneath when not in use in order to maximize free space in the room.

I found the artwork online and printed it out on heavy weight paper for framing. The final product was a fun way to add some unique art to the kids room that is both unexpected and "grown up" enough for them to relate to as they get older.

All in all, the project in the kids room taught us that you don't need a lot of square footage to make a space that's both usable and fun for our kids.