Monday, September 28, 2009

Texas State Fair

This weekend marked the opening of the Texas State Fair! The State Fair can be traced back over 120 years. Back then the exhibits consisted of finest cattle, farm equipment, and summer concerts. Now the exhibits that are the most popular are the number of strange and weird items that can be battered and deep fried! Fried Twinkies, Snickers, and butter are some of the more unhealthy but delicious items on the menu.
We met some friends in Richardson Sunday morning for Dim Sum at Kirin Court and parked at the Aprapaho DART station to catch the rail into the city. After getting off at the Pearl Street station we switched to the newly open Green Line which took us directly to the front entrance of Fair Park! It was the perfect way to get to the fair and avoid the traffic and parking issues that have plagued the fair for years...
Having the kids with us made the fair extra enjoyable (for me anyway). There's nothing like watching them jump in all the show cars and pretending like they're driving... and they did this over and over in almost every car on the show floor until we finally left the building! Of course, since they're mine it's probably a lot more annoying than I thought it was. :)
The ride back to Richardson was long but enjoyable after being outside and on our feet all day long.
If you can make it to the State Fair this year I definitely suggest taking the DART Rail.
It's better for the environment and for your budget. Tickets were only $4 which is worth the hassle and every time we ride the DART Rail we're proving that residents of this city can appreciate and understand urban transportation instead of having to show up and get their BMW dinged in the cramped parking lots around the fair grounds.

RE:Vision Dallas Winner: Entangled Bank

The winner of the RE:Vision Dallas competition has been named. The North Carolina firm Little has won with their Entangled Bank design.

From the UrbanRevision.Org website:
Something incredible is about to happen in downtown Dallas. Soon, a single block will be transformed into a place that creates economies, supports community, facilitates relationships and generates resources. The winners of Re:Vision Dallas have created plans that challenged us, engaged us, and inspired us. And their ideas, from local materials and vegetated screens to integrated greenways, will shape how people will live and work here in the future.

Entangled Bank is a complex yet simple network of elements. Each piece whether it is the bird, the plant, the worm or the soil personally contributes to the growth and ultimate survival of each. They are all very different from one another but each is very dependent on the other. For without them the bank would unravel and fail. Within the network still a very personal cycle of life persists that starts with conception, continues with growth and ultimately flourishes or sometimes fails. But the bank itself is meant to sustain and offer every opportunity for its constituents to succeed. This same notion can be related to the natural environment as well as the social landscape of Dallas and also our site.
What if we not only sought to teach and educate about the importance of living sustainably out of respect for the environment but we actually sustained and rehabilitated those among us who were struggling? What if we welcomed them back within the comfort of the entangled bank and as they grew and flourished we watched them begin to contribute to the bank themselves? It is our belief that true sustainability relates not only to the environment but also has key economic and social impacts.

Read more at the competition website.